fmla-logoThe Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is the largest and oldest business organization for middle school, high school, and college students in the world. The mission of the FBLA is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs. The goals of the FBLA are to (1) develop competent, aggressive business leadership; (2) strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work; (3) create more interest in and understanding of American business enterprise; (4) encourage members in the development of individual projects that contribute to the improvement of home and community; (5) develop character, prepare for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism; (6) encourage and practice efficient money management; (7) assist students in the establishment of occupational goals; (8) facilitate the transition from school to work; and (9) encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty.

Highland Prep will incorporate the mission and goals of the FBLA through the planning and implementation of a school-based enterprise. A school-based enterprise (SBE) is an entrepreneurial operation in a school setting that provides goods/services to meet the needs of the market. SBEs can sell to consumers through a permanent location, a mobile kiosk or through Internet marketing. Products may include spirit wear, food and beverage items, school supplies, and signs and banners. Services may include creative design, advertising sales and more.

SBEs are managed and operated by students as hands-on learning laboratories that integrate marketing, finance, customer service, and management. SBEs provide realistic and practical learning experiences for students interested in business careers. SBEs are effective educational tools in helping to prepare students for the transition from school to work or college. For many students, they provide the first work experience; for others, they provide an opportunity to build management, supervision and leadership skills.

FBLA membership is open to all students and student members are required to attend FBLA meetings to maintain their membership.

For more information about FBLA, visit their website at http://www.azfbla.org.