Counselors Corner

The school counselor meets with students throughout the school year to check on the well-being of the students. The meetings can be requested anytime by students, parents, and teachers. During the meetings students can discuss personal, academic, and social, and emotional challenges and find solutions towards academic success and personal growth. Ms. Garcia is available during school hours. If you need assistance during the summer break please contact the school directly.

Message from Ms. Garcia:

Students, parents, and staff,

We have reached the end of the school year! It has been a great school year working with everyone. Students who struggled academically, socially, and emotionally have showed improvement and growth with the help of the education team. Please don’t forget to stay physically active and most importantly take care of yourself. I encourage you to practice self-care on your free time. I will leave some helpful tips and resources in the page. Please reach out if there is anything and do not hesitate to contact the school office for any questions. I hope you have a safe and fun summer!

Ms. Garcia
School Counselor


Mobile Apps:

  • My Life Meditation
  • Headspace
  • Calm

Learn more about meditation – Click here

As for self-care, please try this 10 minute mindfulness meditation video: – Daily Calm | 10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation | Letting Go – YouTube